Full Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    1. Cables and Connectivity

    2. The "DAW"

    3. The Interface

    4. The "VST" vs. "The Sample Library"

    5. Critical Listening: Headphones vs. Speakers

    1. The Audio Track

    2. The Instrument Track

    3. The "Master"

    4. The "Aux" Track

    5. Signal Flow Overview

    1. Why Use Audio Instead of MIDI

    2. Sample Rate and Bit Depth

    3. Setting Up an Audio Project

    4. "Gain" and How to Set It Up Correctly

    5. A Test Recording

    1. Why Use MIDI Instead of Audio

    2. VST Setup and Latency

    3. VSTs and Gain

    4. A Test Recording

About this course

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Hey hey, I'm Charles!

Paul McCartney, Glen Campbell, Tower of Power, The Hit Factory NYC... what do they have in common? I learned audio production from some of the engineers behind these HUGE artists and recording studios. Today, my playing has been streamed tens of millions of times, I've been a studio pianist for artists globally, ALL of that playing has been engineered exclusively by myself, and I'm about to share EVERYTHING you need to make the most competitive, professional sounding, digital piano recording possible.

Let's Get Recording!

Key features of "Digital Piano Production" the Masterclass:

  • This course will guide you from not an ounce of knowledge about production all the way to industry professional.

  • Charles has compiled knowledge from over a decade of studio work and boiled it down to piano specific concepts that you'll learn in just a few hours.

  • Not only will you learn how to record and release your own music in an increasingly competitive market, but the depth of knowledge presented here will ABSOLUTELY open the doors of professional audio editing and mixing work to you: you could pay for the cost of this course with literally ONE editing job.

Can you put a price on decades of knowledge?

Maybe not, but you can put a value to your time... this course is the culmination of that elusive "10,000 hours" to earn mastery... and it's yours in just 12 hours of hands-on study!

What Others Are Saying...

“This course struck a chord with me from the first module with its meticulous attention to detail, excellent quality of the content, and engaging presentation. Every module has a clear purpose that enhances the learning experience, and the practical examples span the entire process of creating a quality recording from start to finish. The course stands out from other online content that is out there. This program focuses on what matters most: the process, techniques, and musicality required to produce a professional piano recording. In addition to years of professional experience in music production, Charles Szczepanek is a talented and skilled pianist, composer, and arranger. On top of that, Charles is an excellent educator who makes each lesson enjoyable. His unique experience comes across in every module. It makes him a great instructor for a course where the piano is at the heart of every recording. The course features an invaluable module where Charles shares professional tips and tricks he learned from years of experience. That module alone is worth more than the price of the course! One of the modules on mixing inspired a new project that I started upon finishing the course. Within the same week of completing the program, I recorded and produced a piano piece employing techniques I hadn't used before. For anyone interested in music production focusing on piano recordings, the value of this course is unmatched. I had been searching for a program like this one for a long time, and I am thrilled that this is available!”

Alex Nevarez

“Charles has, by far, over-delivered in this course with his skill, expertise, and thorough teaching on every topic regarding music production. Though the lessons are not necessarily short, every sentence is valuable, and I easily binged half the course in one day. There is so much knowledge offered in this course. $297 is by far, a steal. This is well worth $1,000 or $2,000 easily. I am beyond pleased, and really enjoy Charle's teaching style. Anyone desiring to produce their own music or hone their skill in music production will benefit tremendously from this course. I would 10/10 recommend.”

Morgan Showalter

But What If???

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't have time?

    The entire course is YOURS... FOREVER. You can take things exactly how you'd like to. Individual modules average only 15 minutes, so you can choose to tackle many concepts in one sitting if you have time, or only one concept if time is short. The longest modules are approximately 45 minutes each.

  • What makes this course different?

    There are next to NO resources that teach audio production for pianists, and especially for pianists that record solo. Everything that exists online is geared to pop, rock, or EDM production, which is a very different process than editing and mixing a natural sounding, acoustic, instrument. This course, Digital Piano Production, teaches solo piano production from 3 perspectives (classical, new age, and pop) and also teaches how to combine production techniques in crossover genres: something you won't find ANYWHERE online.

  • Do I need anything ahead of time?

    A digital keyboard, a computer, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation software), and some cabling will be needed to get started. If you're confused about cables, connectivity, sample libraries, and more, Charles goes over these items within the course.

  • Does this course cover mic'ing an acoustic piano?

    No, this course covers the ins and outs of using a digital keyboard and not an acoustic instrument. BUT! The audio editing modules DO use real audio from an acoustic piano recording session, and the mixing and mastering modules can easily apply to working with an acoustic piano as well. Specifics about microphone technique and acoustic instruments will be the subject of another course in the future from Charles.

  • What DAW should I use?

    There is no one correct answer to this! Charles demonstrates everything within the course using the latest version of Avid's Pro Tools, but any DAW will be capable of everything the course teaches. Garageband (for Mac) and Reaper (for Mac or PC) are wonderful and FREE options to get you started if you don't own a DAW already.

  • Is there a return policy?

    We are confident you will love this course! However, if you don't feel like it helped you, we offer a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee! Send us a message and we will refund your purchase.


Learn how to excel during the recording session, create flawless edits, understand all of the creative tools used in mixing, and deliver your masters at a professional level. Let's rock and roll! Get started today by clicking the button!