Full Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Op. 100 No. 4 Sheet Music

    1. Technique - "The Drop"

    2. Technique - "The Expansion"

    3. Technique - "The Relaxation"

    4. Application to Measure 2

    1. Applying "Arm Weight" to Measures 7-9

    1. The "Double" and "Triple" Pluck Technique

    2. An Advanced "Pluck" Practice Method

    1. How to Hear and Practice the "Voices" Throughout

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Meet Your Instructor

Charles Szczepanek

Charles is an international prize-winning pianist, has collaborated with GRAMMY Award winners, and has taught music for over 20 years to everyone from his next-door neighbor to finalists on NBC's America's Got Talent. Through Pianist Academy, he now brings that wealth of knowledge to you: the beginner, the intermediate, the professional, or the fellow music teacher. Music for his own projects and those collaborating with other musicians has been streamed tens of millions of times via YouTube, Spotify, and other major platforms. He was a precollege student of Dr. Daniel Paul Horn, and an undergraduate and graduate student of Professor Robert Hamilton,and he also studied with such notables as Vladimir Feltsman, Alexander Korsantia, Susan Starr, Phillip Kawin, and Paul Ostrovski.

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